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Clients Rights

Client Rights - PDF File

In accordance with all applicable Federal and State statutes, all clients receiving care in this  

(or any other) facility possess the following Rights as defined below: 

All Clients have the right to: 

  1. First, be informed of your Rights at admission, to have these Rights reviewed with and explained to you, and to ask questions if you need to for clarification;

  2. Receive appropriate, competent and respectful care to be provided by properly trained professionals, associate professionals, and/or paraprofessionals;

  3. Notification of names, credentials, and functions of all staff attending to your care and to be informed of the specific aspects of your care; 

  4. Have an individual Treatment Plan, to have this plan explained to you, to ask questions, and to participate in the development of this plan as well as your overall treatment; 

  5. Notification of the rules and regulations that apply to your conduct while in treatment and your daily schedule (see your Client Handbook for details);

  6. Privacy and confidentiality in regard to your overall care, your treatment plan, examinations and assessment, necessary medical care, case consultation, etc. and your participation in this program;

  7. Provide necessary consents for treatment except in the case of a medical or psychiatric emergency in which care needs to be delivered and you are unable to consent; 

  8. Information in laymen’s terms regarding your diagnosis, treatment plan(s), and continuing care recommendations (all of which are discussed/reviewed with you during the formation of your treatment plan);

  9. Information regarding any appropriate treatment alternatives;

  10. Respectful delivery of services without discrimination in regard to ethnicity/race, color, religion, gender, sexual preference/orientation, national origin, education, socioeconomic status, or payment source;

  11. Make decisions regarding your care an to refuse treatment if you wish (there may be natural consequences for refusing treatment;

  12. Access to your records upon request and to the completion of any required consents to release such information;

  13. The least restrictive alternative, when needed for your and/or other’s safety, in regard to the limitations of any freedoms and to be involved in decisions regarding such restrictions;

  14. Preservation of your basic legal rights while in the program, such as access to attorneys/legal representation, the right to vote, marry or make a will etc.;

  15. The provision of a safe and secure treatment environment that is managed and staffed by properly trained, credentialed, and supervised employees. 

In addition to these basic Rights, you also have the following specific Rights as a client receiving services at our Level of Care designation (GS 122C-62): 

  1. The right to send and receive mail, have access to materials needed to write and mail letters and assistance doing so if you need it; additionally, you have the right to make one phone call at admission and one phone call at discharge to family. You are also able to make phone calls regarding aftercare placement, which your counselor will explain.

  2. To contact and/or consult with, at your own expense, legal counsel, private physicians and/or private mental health or substance abuse professionals;

  3. To contact and consult with the Executive Director (Carl Spake) and to contact, if need to, the Division of Health Service Regulations – 1-800-624-3004 or the Office of Advocacy and Customer Service of the Division of MI/DD/SA – 919-715-3197;

  4. To practice your own religious/spiritual beliefs, as much as possible, on the unit;

  5. To have access to and spend your own money, within reason (although spending opportunities on the unit are limited to vending machines);

  6. To have access to individual storage space for your private use while on the unit. 

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