Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there a certain age limit?

Answer: Yes, 18-65

Question: Do I have to go to the hospital before being admitted to Synergy?

Answer: Not always, Synergy tries to eliminate going to the Emergency room for medical clearance. Synergy staff will make that decission during the phone screening.

Question: How long will I be at Synergy?

Answer: That depends on each individual, roughly around 5-7 days.

Question: Does Synergy use methadone or suboxone?

Answer: No we don't use either but we have medicines to help with the withdrawal symptoms.

Question: Will I get medications at Synergy?

Answer: Synergy uses several medications to assist in relieve from the withdrawal symptoms.

Question: Will I see a pyschiatrist?

Answer: The counselor will  make that decision based off of the information obtained during the assessment.

Question: Can I have my cellphone or iPod?

Answer: No form of electronic devices are allowed on the unit.

Question: Can I leave at any time?

Answer: If you decide that you want to leave after being admitted you will have to sign the request to leave against medical advice form. After signing the AMA Synergy can hold you up to 48 hours.

Question: Do I need to bring money?

Answer: If you wish to purchase a Soda from the drink machine then you will need money.

Question: Can I leave the facility and come back during my stay?

Answer: No. Once you have been admitted to the facility you are a patient and will only leave once the treatment is complete or if you decide to leave AMA.

Question: Can I smoke at Synergy?

Answer: Yes. Synergy has several smoke breaks through out the day.

Question: What do I need to bring?

Answer: Under the resource tab is a section for items allowed at Synergy.