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An overview of the services and accommodations provided during your stay at Synergy Recovery.

Services & Amenities

Facility-Based Crisis Services

Our services are usually 5-7 days for treatment.  We offer rooms, meals, and entertainment alongside the treatment process.  A team of Acute Care Technicians are available 24/7 for your daily needs.

Non-Hospital Detoxification

Crisis stabilization is the core of our primary care and is handled by a trained and supervised team of professionals and paraprofessionals.  All client care is monitored and advised by the medical director.

Psychiatric/Counseling Services

Some of our clients will require the evaluation and treatment by a psychiatrist.  All of our clients are seen by a trained staff counselor.

A client bed for detox at Synergy Recovery


Breakfast: Continental breakfast (Oatmeal, pancakes, Cereal, Muffins etc.)

Lunch: Catered by PaPaws (local BBQ restaurant)

Dinner: Various meals cooked by our staff on-site

Evening Snacks provided and Vending Machines are available


Along with meals, a bed and clothing (scrubs) are provided. All resources for what to bring during your stay are available here.

There are also two locations to relax and watch TV (streaming services).

Groups & Programs

Group sessions are held each day but are not mandatory since many clients may be too involved in the withdrawal and/or stabilization process to attend.  We encourage everyone to attend as they are able to begin the recovery process.

Spiritual Awakening is held at 9:30AM (20 Minutes)

Psycho-Educational Group is held at 1:00PM (30-45 minutes)

12-Step Groups Monday and Tuesday evening (Hosted by the local NA and AA)

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